Felons And Weapons In Florida
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December 29, 2014.
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Felons and weapons in Florida

The carrying of weapons by convicted felons is a felony under Florida state law, even if the offender’s defining felony conviction was in another state. Like all felony offenses in Florida, it can result in serious penalties. The charge may be enhanced to an aggravated felony in cases where the weapon was employed to harm...

December 26, 2013.
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3 Miami residents charged with felony theft after shoplifting

When people think about felony charges, things like murder, robbery, assault and rape likely come to mind. However, in Florida there are many different criminal charges that can be charged as a felony — including shoplifting. Recently, three Miami residents were charged with felony theft charges following a trip to a Walmart in Okeechobee. According to police,...

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