7 Smart Ways to Use Your Alimony Payments
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June 16, 2018.
posted in Alimony Spousal Support

7 Smart Ways to Use Your Alimony Payments

Being on the receiving end of alimony payments is common for those who have finalized a divorce in Fort Lauderdale. You are receiving these payments because of the length of your marriage, the assets of each spouse, your lifestyle and the length of time it will take you to find a job so you can...

June 09, 2018.
posted in Family Law

Things to Consider When Getting a Divorce

Divorce can be messy. We all know that. One episode of Divorce Court will tell you that. Now instead of watching it, you lived through it. You thought you knew what you were getting yourself into but, you didn’t consider all the aspects of divorce. What happens when you have children involved? Will you get...

May 04, 2018.
posted in Child Custody

Considering a Move? Relocation and Child Custody in Florida

If you are considering a big move, your child custody arrangement should be one of the top things on your mind. Florida law prohibits a parent from relocating their home more than 50 miles away from their original residence without approval from the court or by written agreement with the other parent. You can create...

April 05, 2018.
posted in Child Custody

Changing Your Child Custody Arrangement

Your court-ordered child custody arrangement is not set in stone. However, there are just a few circumstances where you will be able to change it. A Florida child custody attorney will be able to help you present your situation and rationale for the requested change in the best light possible. Reasons You Can Change Your...

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