Fort Lauderdale Man Arrested For Domestic Violence Against Mother
While many Florida residents may think that domestic violence charges only arise between couples, that is not true. In domestic violence cases, it is the prosecutor’s burden to prove the violence happened.
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May 15, 2013.
posted in Domestic Violence

Fort Lauderdale man arrested for domestic violence against mother

Accusations of family violence can be damaging to every member of a family. These accusations can lead to a variety of legal and social consequences. Legally, domestic violence charges can lead to court hearings, jail or prison time and a criminal record. Furthermore, these charges can damage a person’s reputation which can affect the person’s ability to...

November 28, 2012.
posted in Domestic Violence

Domestic violence suspect confused about domestic abuse laws

Every couple has disagreements. For most couples, even though the argument may get heated, physical contact does not occur. In a physically abusive relationship, however, one partner may strike, shove or otherwise assault the other partner. When this occurs, the offending partner can face serious consequences, such as arrest, assault charges and prison in some...

October 16, 2012.
posted in Domestic Violence

Domestic violence allegations turn saucy in Florida

The definition of domestic abuse or violence under Florida law is very broad and includes a large variety of criminal offenses. Allegations and charges of domestic violence can change an individual’s personal and professional life drastically by damaging not only a person’s reputation but by also limiting employment opportunities if he or she is convicted on the...

September 13, 2012.
posted in Domestic Violence

Ochocinco could be facing jail time in domestic violence case

Domestic violence is a criminal offense and when Florida authorities respond to a domestic dispute they take the situation extremely seriously. Too often the media is ripe with stories of domestic spats escalating to violent and sometimes deadly levels and it is for this reason that law enforcement’s response is to take any allegations of...

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