Police Decline Domestic Violence Charges For Former NFL Player
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May 07, 2014.
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Police decline domestic violence charges for former NFL player

Couples can have disagreements and fights regularly. Even couples that are in love have situations where each person does not see eye-to-eye. When these disagreements turn physical, Florida police can get involved and arrest the party that they see as the primary aggressor. Even in situations where the physical harm is minimal, domestic violence charges...

August 09, 2013.
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Former football star arrested in Florida for domestic violence

Almost every couple fights at some point in their relationship. Most of the time fights between couples are harmless. Other times, arguments can lead to family violence. Domestic violence occurs when one partner uses threats of violence or physical, emotional or sexual abuse to get control over the other partner. Allegations of domestic violence can...

July 03, 2013.
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Domestic violence charges dropped against Florida man

When a couple gets married, they often intend to stay together for a long time. During this time, people expect that there will be ups and there will be downs. When couples are together for a long time, disagreements are inevitable — no couple is perfect. However, there are times when these disagreements get too...

May 15, 2013.
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Fort Lauderdale man arrested for domestic violence against mother

Accusations of family violence can be damaging to every member of a family. These accusations can lead to a variety of legal and social consequences. Legally, domestic violence charges can lead to court hearings, jail or prison time and a criminal record. Furthermore, these charges can damage a person’s reputation which can affect the person’s ability to...

March 01, 2013.
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At least 11 arrested for domestic violence on Valentine’s Day

Relationships can sometimes go badly due to a breakdown in communication or allegations of infidelity. Domestic violence is a big issue that may sometimes go unnoticed. However, sometimes these charges are leveled on innocent people who may be victims of false accusations by a spouse or significant other. At least 11 different individuals were arrested on Valentine’s...

February 16, 2013.
posted in Domestic Violence

Former deputy sheriff charged after allegedly choking wife

Arguments and disputes happen in almost every family. When they get out of hand, they can result in domestic violence. Domestic assault is considered a crime under the law, and it can lead to heavy penalties if it causes serious harm. The following story shows how planning a romantic outing can turn into a legal case....

January 16, 2013.
posted in Sex Crimes

Judge: five life sentences for pimp

Sex crimes are among the most aggressively prosecuted offenses in the penal system. Those who stand accused of sex crimes face long prison terms, steep fines and lifelong sex offender registry requirements. An effective sex crimes defense is important when facing this type of charge and can often mean the difference between exoneration and loss of liberty...

November 20, 2012.
posted in Felonies

Broward County teen gets 40 years for murdering homeless man

It’s no secret that people do dumb things when under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Unfortunately, people are more likely to be swayed into committing serious crimes while intoxicated than when they are clearheaded. Many young teens have acted recklessly while under the influence, thinking they were having fun only to sober up and...

November 14, 2012.
posted in Drunk Driving

Florida man facing drunk driving charges after injuring deputy

Driving while under the influence can lead to an individual being arrested for a DUI, nothing shocking there. When a person is arrested for drunk driving it does not always mean a conviction is imminent, but it might be for one Florida man who likely needs a solid criminal defense attorney after his latest escapades resulted in...

November 07, 2012.
posted in Felonies

Broward County sweep results in over 1,000 arrests

Getting serious criminals off the streets can be a daunting task. Some cities have put together elaborate operations to capture serious offenders and individuals who have outstanding warrants for felony charges. According to a report, almost 1,100 felons were arrested in the last three weeks in a law enforcement sweep in Broward County. This sweep...

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