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December 21, 2017.
posted in Child Custody

How To Avoid Visitation Problems During The Holidays

Working out your visitation schedule can be challenging, particularly if you went through a contentious divorce. While it is natural for both parents to want to spend more time with the kids, this should not create unnecessary arguments, especially during the holidays. This is the time to create lasting memories your kids will talk about...

December 16, 2017.
posted in Child Custody

Are Grandparents Granted Visitation Rights in Florida?

Most happy childhood memories revolve around family. Children especially need alone time with their grandparents and the extra attention they provide. Grandparents are generally a good influence on their grandkids. Unfortunately, once a couple of files for divorce some grandparents feel they will not be able to see their grandchildren again. Florida is somewhat strict...

May 30, 2017.
posted in Paternity

It’s The Little Details That Make a Parenting Plan Work

Have you ever counted the number of decisions that you and the other parent make regarding your child each day? Has your child earned the right to stay up later? What discipline is appropriate for your child’s transgression? Should your child watch that movie or is it inappropriate at this age? Parents make all of...

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