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March 30, 2018.
posted in Family Law

4 Common Misconceptions about Prenups in Florida

Having a discussion about prenuptial agreements is perhaps the most unromantic thing that you can do with your fiancé. However, it may be a necessary conversation for your relationship. Nonetheless, prenuptial agreements have some negative stigma attached, even if they may be beneficial. The Law Office of Gustavo E. Frances, P.A. has enough experience as...

February 01, 2018.
posted in Divorce

Taxes and Divorce

If you are filing for divorce, you may not be thinking about how this decision can affect your taxes. However, divorce can have a huge impact on your taxes and also on your finances. This is why it is important you hire an experienced Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney to help you calculate the costs and...

December 16, 2017.
posted in Child Custody

Are Grandparents Granted Visitation Rights in Florida?

Most happy childhood memories revolve around family. Children especially need alone time with their grandparents and the extra attention they provide. Grandparents are generally a good influence on their grandkids. Unfortunately, once a couple files for divorce some grandparents feel they will not be able to see their grandchildren again. Florida is somewhat strict when...

December 07, 2017.
posted in Family Law

Co-parenting during the holidays

The holiday season has arrived and with it many challenges for divorcing couples, particularly those who have minor children. Children tend to have a hard time coping with new holiday traditions and a different schedule from the one they are accustomed to. In the midst of chaos, you can still have the holidays you wished...

November 24, 2017.
posted in Divorce

Planning ahead for the holidays

‘Tis the season to celebrate with family and friends! Many divorced families enjoy planning ahead for the holidays. It is the best way to avoid tensions between divorcees and heated arguments about co-parenting, child support, and many other complex family law issues. This is particularly true if communication between the parties is not available. It...

August 28, 2017.
posted in Divorce

Not every divorce battle may require boxing gloves

While some divorce cases can become a lifetime battle, the truth is that most divorcees can handle the divorce process in a civilized manner. It’s possible to get an amicable divorce. An uncontested divorce is more affordable and easier to cope with. It’s a simple way to end the relationship on good terms. With the...

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