February 24, 2017.
posted in Family Law

Contested adoption cases are family law challenges

Few child custody matters in Florida courts are more fraught with emotion than those in which an adoption is being contested. In these cases, both sides have a strong position, yet one side will walk away devastated. For the children at the center of these family law struggles, the outcome is often difficult to accept,...

February 16, 2017.
posted in Family Law

New study could assist in Florida family law cases

In most Florida child custody cases, the parties are spouses who have been together for years and have decided to end their union. Not every case, however, fits this mold. There are some family law cases that involve parents who either never had any intention of living together as a family, or those who learned...

February 10, 2017.
posted in Divorce

One state could pass a law that limits grounds for divorce

Faced with an untenable marriage, most Florida spouses are relieved to know that they are able to bring their marriage to an end with relatively few obstacles. Florida is a “no-fault” divorce state, which means that couples who agree to end their marriage do not need to place the blame for the divorce on one party or...

February 04, 2017.
posted in Domestic Violence

Domestic assault charge against Don McClean is set for hearing

Domestic violence charges made by a spouse against the other spouse are often unpredictable in terms of the ultimate case outcome. In some relationships, the cause of the complaint may be a temporary aberration or it may be the symptom of years of domestic assault and violence against the abused victim. In Florida and elsewhere, these cases...

February 03, 2017.
posted in Divorce

This is a divorce cost that often goes unnoticed

Most Florida spouses are aware that property division will take center stage as they bring their marriage to a close. Issues surrounding the division of marital wealth are important, as the outcome of this process will have a lasting impact on both spouses’ financial stability for many years after a divorce. It is important to be...

February 02, 2017.
posted in Paternity

Is there a cradle in your future?

Perhaps you never imagined the range of emotions you felt when you heard that you were going to be a father. The joy and excitement may have been tempered by the concern that the mother of the child may not be eager to allow you to participate in the child’s life as fully as you...


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