December 09, 2016.
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Millennials seek family law protections prior to getting married

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According to a survey conducted by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, more and more young people are taking a practical approach to matters of marriage and divorce. Respondents reported a marked increase in the number of millennials who are negotiating  prenuptial agreements prior to walking down the aisle. That is a family law move that will serve to ease the divorce process for those in Florida who ultimately call an end to their marriages.

There are many different reasons why young people are taking a more pragmatic approach to their financial security. Many have lived through a parent’s divorce, sometimes more than once. They are all too aware of the realities of divorce, and the financial fallout that can result. When considering their own marriage, they simply want to include a measure of protection.

Millennials are also delaying marriage, as compared to their parents and grandparents. That means that many will have already established their careers by the time they marry. They may also bring considerably more assets into their marriage, including retirement accounts, real estate and inheritances. Protecting those assets is a top priority for some.

Regardless of the motivation that leads millennials to seek prenuptial agreements, it appears that doing so is far less emotionally charged than in decades past. For those in Florida who are able to view these family law contracts in terms of financial planning, it may be easier to broach the subject with one’s chosen partner. In fact, he or she may be thinking about the exact same topic.


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