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November 24, 2016.
posted in Divorce

How to divide retirement assets during divorce

When a marriage comes to an end, many Florida residents turn their attention to dividing their retirement savings. Aside from child custody matters, property division is the most impactful aspect of most divorce cases. Retirement savings can be a critical component within the property division process. Understanding how to properly divide retirement savings can help make this...

November 18, 2016.
posted in Divorce

Don’t let dissipation of assets impact a divorce settlement

Very few Florida spouses spend a considerable amount of time thinking about whether or not their partner has intentionally depleted their shared wealth. In reality, however, this is an issue that arises more often than man people think. Dissipation of assets is a real concern for many, and it is something that spouses should guard...

November 11, 2016.
posted in Family Law

Woman loses family law case based on her chosen profession

Many parents throughout the state of Florida face challenges to their child custody rights. In most cases, these matters are based on claims that the children are at risk of harm or neglect by remaining in the care of a particular parent. There are some family law cases, however, in which the issue at hand...

November 04, 2016.
posted in Divorce

Considering digital data in a Florida divorce

Many Florida readers have been unable to avoid media coverage concerning the FBI’s decision to look into new emails connected to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Those emails were discovered as part of an unrelated case involving the husband of one of Clinton’s top aides. The high profile story serves as a powerful reminder of the...

November 03, 2016.
posted in Child Support

Expenses child support won’t cover

When a couple with children begins divorce proceedings, child support is one of the main issues on the table. If both parents agree on the amount of support, they can include it in their agreement and get approval from the judge. In other cases, the parents may have to litigate specific provisions. Either way, support...


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