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March 21, 2016.
posted in Divorce

Alimony after divorce is the subject of new legislative proposal

Legislators in Florida have been trying for several years to pass an alimony reform statute to bring the state more in line with modern concepts of alimony most prevalent around the country. When a couple gets a divorce, the person with a significantly higher income can be compelled to pay alimony permanently to the former spouse...

March 16, 2016.
posted in Divorce

Divorce can raise issues of whether to file joint tax return

The Internal Revenue Code gives married couples the option of filing income taxes jointly or separately. The date of divorce issued by the Florida court will have something to do with whether former spouses can file jointly or separately for a given tax year. If still married on the last day of the tax year, usually Dec....

March 11, 2016.
posted in Divorce

Divorce preparation is as important as wedding preparation

Many months are typically spent on preparations for a wedding because it is such a major event in a couple’s life. However, even though a divorce is equally important, some Florida couples may rush into it without proper preparation. Decisions made during the time leading up to a divorce can determine a person’s post-divorce financial stability. Some...

March 04, 2016.
posted in Family Law

Bill could change Florida family law

Spouses often decide that it is in the best interest of the family if they go their separate ways. As difficult of a decision as this likely is to make, there are many more challenging decisions that follow, especially if the couple has children. In some cases, judges are tasked with the duty of deciding...


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