Brevard County Teenager Alleges Sexual Assault By School Vendor
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October 07, 2015.
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In May of this year, a 14-year-old Florida girl reported an incident to her school and later told police she was struck by a car that was driven by an unknown man. She claimed the man forced her into the vehicle and sexually assaulted her after driving to a remote location. In August, police were reportedly called by the girl’s mother who informed them that her daughter had seen the man who allegedly committed the sexual assault.

The mother said the girl reported she suspected that a man, who she saw at her high school, resembled the person whose vehicle hit her. She noted the man’s vehicle tag numbers and gave them to the police. When the owner of the vehicle was confronted by the police, he apparently denied all allegations, but a DNA sample was taken. According to police, the results of the DNA test matched those that were recovered from the teenager.

It was then revealed that the accused man was a vendor at the girl’s high school. The school district ordered administrative leave, and he must stay away from students. The school district spokesperson said that a background screening that was done before he was employed revealed no criminal record. The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office reported that the 22-year-old man was arrested in September, and he is now facing charges of false imprisonment and sexual battery of a minor.

Individuals in Florida who are facing allegations of sex crimes, such as sexual assault, sometimes face a great deal of bias before they have had the opportunity to defend themselves. Being charged with a sex crime does not mean a person is guilty of committing such a crime. Having an experienced defense attorney, who can investigate every aspect of the charges to build a defense strategy and fight for the client’s rights, may be invaluable.

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Source:, “Bayside High vendor charged in sex case“, Chris Bonanno, Oct. 6, 2015

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