TV Star Michael Kennedy Facing Misdemeanor Charge In Florida
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September 10, 2015.
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Discovery Channel star, Michael Kennedy, was involved in a recent incident in Florida that resulted in a criminal charge. The television personality now faces a misdemeanor charge and a fine of more than $300. Those in the area remain on alert given the fact that his case involves an escaped and deadly Cobra snake.

Kennedy’s pet snake was reportedly missing for an entire day before he alerted local authorities. In addition to the misdemeanor charge he faces in this case, he also has an impending court date in October for allegedly having received the snake from an entity that was not licensed. The venomous Cobra is said to have gone missing on a recent Tuesday. Authorities say that the snake has not yet been located.

Kennedy told authorities that he noticed his pet was gone when he returned home after having been away for two days. It has not been explained why the TV star waited until Wednesday to notify wildlife officials about the missing and potentially lethal reptile. The King Cobra has been described as being eight feet in length.

In similar cases, where a pet owner or other Florida resident has been charged with a misdemeanor, he or she is protected by law with the right to seek legal representation from an experienced attorney in the area before proceeding to court. A criminal lawyer would be able to ensure that one’s rights are protected. He or she would also be able to determine all options that might be available toward achieving the most positive outcome possible in a case.

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