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June 23, 2015.
posted in Felonies

Felony charge of child neglect for parents in Florida

When most people think of child neglect, they likely think of the physical definition of the term. This involves a caregiver failing to provide the basic needs for a child. This could include needs ranging from shelter and food to clothing and adequate living conditions. In certain cases, child neglect may occur when a child...

June 17, 2015.
posted in Misdemeanors

Alleged pizza fight results in misdemeanor charge for Florida man

Most Florida residents likely enjoy eating pizza over conversation with their family and friends. However, for one pair of roommates, their experience was a bit different. In fact, it led to a misdemeanor charge for one Florida man. Allegedly, a 50-year-old man threw a hot piece of pizza at his 56-year-old female roommate after they began to...

June 11, 2015.
posted in Sex Crimes

Army recruiter facing charges related to alleged sex crimes

An Army recruiter here in Florida has recently been accused of having sex with two girls who were reportedly underage at 17 years of age. Apparently, both of the teenagers had filled out the proper paperwork in order to join the Army. They both met with the 30-year-old recruiter at the recruiting facility. However, they...

June 04, 2015.
posted in Domestic Violence

Florida atheletes accused of domestic violence have rights

There are many professional athletes in the state of Florida. One article suggested that, in recent times, domestic violence charges filed against professional athletes have been on the rise. According to some, one can read about athletes in the crime statistics as often as one can learn about them in the sports news pages. From a professional...


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