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April 17, 2015.
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Domestic violence protection order violation may soon be a felony

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Thousands of Florida residents claim to be victims of domestic violence every year, which means the number of alleged abusers is pretty significant. While domestic violence is a serious concern — one that is not taken lightly by law enforcement officials — any such accusations typically need to be substantiated in order for legal action to be taken. As the consequences of a conviction on a domestic violence charge can be quite severe, utilizing experienced representation can assist in ensuring the rights of those accused of this behavior are fully considered and protected.

Under current Florida law, victims of domestic violence can obtain orders of protection against their alleged abuser. If that protective order is violated, those accused of the violation will face misdemeanor charges. This is true regardless of the number of times a person is accused of violating one of these orders.

A bill proposed by State Legislators would increase the penalties associated with the violation of orders of protection. If this new bill is passed, those accused of violating an injunction for protection three or more times will face felony charges. This bill will apply to those accused of any form of domestic violence.

If signed into law, the bills means that Florida residents accused of domestic violence and violating protection orders could face prison time, among other consequences — if ultimately convicted. This can be extremely damaging to a person’s livelihood and family relationships. While accusations of domestic violence may seem impossible to recover from, a well-planned criminal defense can help in achieving the best outcome possible for the circumstances.

Source:, “Fla. bill escalates penalties on repeat domestic violence offenders“, Matt Galka, April 8, 2015

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