July 23, 2014.
posted in Felonies

3 men charged for possessions of illegal firearms, drugs seized

Three Florida residents reportedly appeared in court on July 18 after they were taken into police custody and were charged for being in possession of illegal firearms. Police claimed that they also seized various amounts of drugs during their investigation into the incident. The 49-year-old man was charged for being in possession of a firearm...

July 16, 2014.
posted in Felonies

Felony grand theft charges for Florida State football player

Jesus Wilson, a football player at Florida State University, has been charged with grand theft of a motor vehicle following an incident on June 17. On that day, Wilson was stopped by police while driving a damaged scooter that he said he had borrowed from a fellow student. However, the scooter had previously been reported...

July 11, 2014.
posted in Felonies

Drug charges for Florida woman after traffic stop

A St. Petersburg woman was detained on drug charges after Gulfport police allegedly discovered drugs and paraphernalia in her vehicle in the course of a routine traffic stop. Gulfport police pulled the woman’s vehicle over in the 6000 block of Gulfport Boulevard after allegedly clocking her at 18 miles per hour over the speed limit....

July 07, 2014.
posted in Drunk Driving

Florida politician take plea deal, avoids DUI conviction

Authorities reported that a Florida lawmaker accused of DUI after an April traffic stop in Tallahassee recently faced a reduced charge in accordance with a plea agreement. Reportedly, the state representative pleaded no contest to reckless driving. The April 21 traffic stop occurred after the lawmaker left a Taco Bell restaurant and ran a red...


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