April 28, 2014.
posted in Drunk Driving

Off-duty Florida police officer facing DUI charges

A Miami-Dade police officer has been charged with four DUI-related charges. According to reports, the 41-year-old man was off duty at the time but had hit a parked car outside of a grocery store before hitting a shopping cart containing two young girls. Specifically, the man is facing charges for DUI with property damage, two counts...

April 17, 2014.
posted in Sex Crimes

Fort Lauderdale pastor found not-guilty of sex crimes

The proper criminal defense can make all the difference in a sex crimes case. Those accused of sex crimes tend to face aggressive prosecution and stigma from the community. However, this does not mean that they are guilty of the crimes in which they have been accused. In fact, like with any criminal charges, they...

April 09, 2014.
posted in Misdemeanors

Florida man faces misdemeanor for allegedly fake burglary

People typically think of things like simple assault, driving without a license or shoplifting when they think of misdemeanor charges. A much larger variety of behavior can result in misdemeanor charges. While these charges are not as serious as felonies, they are still criminal charges with punishments that include jail time. Recently, a Florida man...

April 04, 2014.
posted in Felonies

Those charged in Florida shoplifting ring may face felony charges

Most Florida residents understand that crimes are divided into two main categories — misdemeanors and felonies. Felonies are those crimes with harsher penalties. A felony charge has the potential to affect a person’s life immediately. People can be immediately placed under arrest, face jail time, fines, probation and other consequences. Shoplifting may qualify as either a misdemeanor...


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