February 27, 2014.
posted in Misdemeanors

Prank phone call results in misdemeanor charges

Misdemeanor charges can result in serious consequences for those accused. Florida residents should be aware of the long-term effects that a misdemeanor can result in. Penalties for misdemeanors include probation, jail time, fines and more. In an unusual case, a 12-year-old Florida boy has been charged with two misdemeanors following a prank phone call. According...

February 21, 2014.
posted in Domestic Violence

UFC fighter faces domestic violence charges — fired from league

Various domestic violence charges have ended the fighting career of UFC fighter Thiago Silva. Silva was recently arrested in Fort Lauderdale after the latest incident between him and his wife. According to reports, Silva believed that his wife of 13 years was having an affair. He confronted his wife outside of the mixed martial arts...

February 13, 2014.
posted in Drunk Driving

Florida businessman facing DUI charges after speeding

Stressful times can sometimes lead to further mistakes by Florida residents. People face a lot of pressure in today’s society, and may turn to alcohol to temporarily relieve their stress. While social drinking can be a good way to let off some steam, it can lead to criminal charges if people make the mistake of...

February 07, 2014.
posted in Felonies

Man charged with armed robbery in North Miami

Robbery is one of many different types of theft crimes. Like any theft, robbery includes a person taking the property of another person, however, other factors must also be present for a robbery to occur. In order for a robbery to occur, physical force or a threat of violence or fear must be used in...


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