November 27, 2013.
posted in Domestic Violence

Florida police focus on domestic violence

Most people love their families. At this time of year, it is easy for the stress of the holidays to cause tension and disagreements, but the love is still there. In some situations, these disagreements snowball into physical altercations. While this is unfortunate, it is a mistake that can happen to anyone. Often times, domestic...

November 22, 2013.
posted in Felonies

Miami robbery leads to police search

Police are searching for a man accused of armed robbery in Miami. Under Florida laws, a robbery occurs when the personal property of another person is taken by the use of violence. In order to be a robbery, the theft must occur in the presence of the other person. Furthermore, the use of violence includes...

November 14, 2013.
posted in Drunk Driving

Broward County judge arrested for alleged DUI

A drunk driving arrest can be embarrassing for anyone — especially if that person is in a high-profile position within the community. No matter a person’s job, that person will still face serious penalties if found guilty of DUI. Recently in Fort Lauderdale, a Broward County judge was arrested for drinking and driving. According to...

November 07, 2013.
posted in Sex Crimes

Child sex crimes subject to aggressive prosecution in Florida

Protecting Fort Lauderdale’s children is a job taken seriously by local police. However, officials at the state and federal levels also get involved in keeping area children safe — particularly from child sex abuse. Therefore, child pornography charges and other sex crimes against children are subject to extensive investigations and aggressive prosecution here in Florida. Over the...

November 01, 2013.
posted in Domestic Violence

Florida woman charged with domestic violence for use of water gun

Some may assume that only men will be arrested and charged with domestic violence in Florida. However, that is not true. Under Florida law, police will arrest and charge whoever they determine to be the primary aggressor in an altercation. A primary aggressor could be a woman or a man. Furthermore, the other person does...


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