September 26, 2013.
posted in Misdemeanors

More than 100 misdemeanor charges for Miami women

Everyone has different interests and hobbies. Most hobbies are harmless, but in some situations things can get out of control and cross into criminal activity. Recently, two woman — a mother and her daughter — have been arrested near Miami. According to police, the women had 81 dogs on their property. Police allege that the...

September 17, 2013.
posted in Drunk Driving

DUI manslaughter charges filed after Miami car crash

A man in Miami has been arrested following a car accident that killed another man. According to authorities, this man was driving in Miami around 7:40 p.m. when he hit a pedestrian near the intersection of Northwest 20th Street and Northwest Seventh Avenue. Following the collision with the pedestrian, the man went on to hit...

September 10, 2013.
posted in Domestic Violence

Domestic violence charges stick even if victim doesn’t want them

Police have arrested a Florida man after an altercation with his girlfriend. According to police, the incident took place on Aug. 18. During this fight, the 41-year-old man apparently beat and strangled his pregnant girlfriend. Police then say that he refused to let the woman leave the home for several hours after the fight was...

September 05, 2013.
posted in Felonies

Alleged notorious burglar arrested in Florida

For some crimes, police catch people in the act and stop them from completing the crime. Other times, other people see a crime and report it to the police. Occasionally, however, circumstantial evidence is used to create a criminal case against a person. In these situations, any one piece of evidence on its own may...


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