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February 16, 2013.
posted in Domestic Violence
Former deputy sheriff charged after allegedly choking wife

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Arguments and disputes happen in almost every family. When they get out of hand, they can result in domestic violence. Domestic assault is considered a crime under the law, and it can lead to heavy penalties if it causes serious harm. The following story shows how planning a romantic outing can turn into a legal case.

A former deputy of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office in Florida allegedly strangled his newlywed wife recently after they got into an argument regarding Valentine’s Day plans. According to a report, the 33-year-old man argued with his 32-year-old wife about whether they should leave their son with the man’s parents. As the man was driving, he became angry when his wife tried to search for a charger in the glove compartment. The car stopped, and he allegedly pushed and strangled his wife. The report said that his wife had bruises and scratches on her neck.

The ex-deputy was shot in the head five years ago, and he was in a coma for weeks. He married his wife three months ago, although they had been together for about two years. Following the incident, he was charged with felony battery by strangulation and was released from jail on a $2,500 bond. He was ordered by the court to stay away from his wife, but he was allowed to visit their son once a week.

While some accusations of domestic assault are true, others may be false allegations. In some cases, physical force may have been used as an act of self-defense. Those who are facing domestic violence charges should know all the legal options that are available to them and take the right course of action to avoid conviction or get a more lenient sentence.


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