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September 17, 2019.
posted in Divorce

Why Is Temporary Alimony A Thing?

One of the most contentious parts of any divorce process tends to be issues surrounding spousal maintenance, commonly called alimony. What many people may not realize is that there are various forms of alimony that the court can assign. At the Law Office of Gustavo E. Frances, we understand that this is a hard time...

August 15, 2019.
posted in Child Support

What Happens To Child Support Calculations When Considering “Continual And Regular Gifts”

When you are going through a divorce and there are minor children involved, the process can be wrought with back and forth. Whether you are supposed to be receiving child support or paying, you need to ensure you are being treated fairly. At The Law Office of Gustavo E. Frances, our Fort Lauderdale child support...

July 12, 2019.
posted in Divorce

Could I Be Stuck With My Spouse’s Student Loans In A Divorce?

The last thing you wanted to go through was a divorce, but If it happens, you need to secure help from a Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney. Divorce cases can become complex, especially if they are contested. However, even an uncontested divorce contains details that you want to get right. Today, we want to talk about...

June 15, 2019.
posted in Divorce

If Your Spouse Cheats, Does It Affect A Divorce?

We know that you never thought that you would end up separating from your spouse. However, there may be a time when you need a divorce lawyer in Fort Lauderdale to help you. There are many reasons why a couple may need to separate, and one of those is infidelity. Today, we want to discuss...

May 18, 2019.
posted in Divorce

Clearing Up Some Confusion Over Same-Sex Divorce

Going through a divorce is not easy for anyone. The last thing that any couple imagines when they get married is that they will end up separating. However, you may be wondering if there are any special considerations when it comes to same-sex couples who are going through a divorce. Today, we want to take...

May 17, 2019.
posted in Child Custody

A Florida Couple Loses Custody Of Their Child Over Medical Treatment Issues

We know that most parents want to do what is right for their children. Their safety is the number one concern. However, if you have been watching the news lately, you have likely seen the case of a Florida couple that lost custody of their child due to issues over chemotherapy treatments. Today, we want...

May 11, 2019.
posted in Alimony Spousal Support

Alimony In Florida Is Complicated

When it comes to divorce, we know that you would rather be going through just about anything else. This is especially the case when it comes to alimony. If you have found yourself in a position where you need a divorce attorney or a Fort Lauderdale alimony attorney, we are ready to help. At the...

May 10, 2019.
posted in Property Division

Where Do You Live Now?

That is one of the common questions recent divorcees hear from people: where do you live now? Of course, you know what they are really asking about, and that is property division. Our Fort Lauderdale Property Division Attorneys at the Law Office of Gustavo E. Frances has worked with numerous clients who own anywhere from...

May 04, 2019.
posted in Divorce

Top 5 Myths About Divorce

The internet is a beauty and a beast. On the one hand, everything you want to know is in the palm of your hand. You can Google almost anything and you don’t even have to type it out. Nowadays you just have to say “hey, Google” or “Hey, Siri” and your personal AI is there...

May 03, 2019.
posted in Alimony Spousal Support

3 Tips When Dealing With Alimony

Divorce is a complex situation. First, you and your spouse have to discuss if this the future that you both want. No matter how sure you are of a divorce, it is still an emotional rollercoaster. Each person’s divorce is unique. Even though around 50% of marriages end in a divorce, how your split up...

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