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How Child Support Works In Fort Lauderdale

Child support is not optional and is strictly enforced in Florida, as child support is a child’s right. If you are seeking a divorce and anticipate a need for child support assistance, it is essential you find a Fort Lauderdale child support attorney who can make sure you obtain an accurate and fair child support payment.

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Getting The Help You Need Under Florida Child Support Guidelines

Child support payments are determined under the Florida Child Support Guidelines. Having an appropriate child support attorney Fort Lauderdale can help make sure you are not paying more than necessary and receive the proper deductions. Likewise, I can help make sure you receive the correct amount. Regardless of whether you feel you are being underpaid or overpaid, I can help you. There are many “child support calculators” out there. However, I can help weed out any deductions and can discuss your particular circumstance with you.

In some cases, paternity is unknown. If you have been served with a paternity action or if you are a mother seeking to establish paternity, I can help you as well and make sure the proper legal procedures are taken. I also assist custodial parents with enforcement actions.

Obtaining A Modification Of Child Support

I help clients with initial child support matters as well as modifications. If either parent’s financial situation changes, a child support modification may be needed. Factors considered in both initial child support and modifications include the income of each parent, age of the child, financial needs of the child, and more. Generally, there must be a substantial change in circumstances in order to seek a child support modification.

Get Information About Setting Up And Enforcing Child Support

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