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Misdemeanors Archives

Florida doctor faces misdemeanor charges after pub altercation

A 45-year-old Florida doctor was arrested in the early morning hours of a recent Sunday after allegedly causing an altercation in a Waffle House in Santa Rosa County. He apparently insisted on his right to have a legal representative present and refused to speak with deputies. He was then arrested on misdemeanor charges.

TV star Michael Kennedy facing misdemeanor charge in Florida

Discovery Channel star, Michael Kennedy, was involved in a recent incident in Florida that resulted in a criminal charge. The television personality now faces a misdemeanor charge and a fine of more than $300. Those in the area remain on alert given the fact that his case involves an escaped and deadly Cobra snake.

Aaron Kromer has recently been charged with battery misdemeanor

Word has spread fast about the offense line coach for the Buffalo Bills being arrested this month in Florida. Aaron Kromer has been accused of punching a teenage boy in the face. Further accusations include that the coach threatened to kill the boy's entire family. As a result, he is facing a misdemeanor charge of battery.

Florida man charged with misdemeanor for allegedly firing shots

Disturbing the peace occurs when some type of disorderly conduct results in loud noise, usually for an extended period of time. This could be anything from fighting and holding unlawful assemblies in public to shouting profanities and even excessive dog barking. One man here in Florida was recently arrested on the misdemeanor charge of disturbing the peace by purportedly firing a gun. 

Alleged pizza fight results in misdemeanor charge for Florida man

Most Florida residents likely enjoy eating pizza over conversation with their family and friends. However, for one pair of roommates, their experience was a bit different. In fact, it led to a misdemeanor charge for one Florida man.

Misdemeanor federal charge for man who transported injured owl

From misdemeanors to felonies, a criminal conviction carries potentially stiff penalties with across-the-board consequences. For that reason, when a person has been accused of committing a crime, it is crucial that one understands his or her legal rights. This is something that one man here in Florida will want to keep in mind as he decides how to move forward with his criminal case involving an alleged misdemeanor offense.  

Misdemeanor offense charge dropped against NFL RB Chris Johnson

Sometimes individuals here in Florida and elsewhere can be wrongfully accused of a crime. And in some cases, individuals may be guilty but are able to find technicalities or legal loopholes in order to get the charges reduced or the entire case dismissed completely. Although it isn't clear exactly what happened, an NFL running back is likely breathing easier now that the state has dropped its charges of a misdemeanor offense against him.

Out-of-state driving violations follow Florida residents home

Florida residents may not realize that when they receive a ticket in another state for speeding or any other traffic violation, that ticket follows them home. Authorities from the state that issued the citation will forward the ticket information to Florida, and it will be added to the person's driving record.

Another Florida resident charged after Twitter statements

Recently, this blog highlighted a story where a Florida man was facing criminal charges after sharing pictures on Twitter. According to police, the man had shared child pornography by sharing images of underage girls on his account. The man says he did not know the girls were minors. Now, another Miami resident is in trouble over his use of the social media platform Twitter.

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