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Felonies Archives

Felony charge: Attempted gold bar sale leads to 3 years in jail

On March 1, a Florida metals company shipped gold bars weighing 275 pounds and valued at $4.8 million from Miami via Interstate 95 to another state. The shipment was cut off by three men claiming to be police officers, and after tying up the occupants, they drove off with the transit truck. Reportedly, the hijackers approached a man and convinced him to sell one of the gold bars. This man ultimately faced a felony charge.

Florida cocaine laws are strict, may result in felony charge

Florida's location makes it the perfect place for drugs to be imported and even exported. Cocaine is probably one of the most popular drugs used and sold in the Sunshine State. However, the use and sale of cocaine is strictly prohibited in Florida and could cause someone to face a felony charge if caught using or selling the drug.

Domestic violence dispute leads to alleged stabbing,felony charge

A 50-year-old Florida man has recently been accused of stabbing his brother. The stabbing allegedly occurred during an argument the two men were having. According to authorities, this occurred at the man's home and has resulted in a felony charge.

Florida teen facing felony charge after allegedly shooting friend

Any crime that involves a gun and a child is a very emotionally charged circumstance. It also can lead to biased judgments from the public. This may be the case with a recent incident here in Florida where a 14-year-old boy is currently facing a felony charge of manslaughter after he allegedly accidentally shot one of his friends of the same age.

Felony charge for woman who allegedly stole someone's identity

Identity theft has long been a problem in the United States, including in Florida. This particular criminal act is defined as the intentional act of obtaining and using another individual's personal information without his or her permission in order to obtain something of financial significance. However, simply because someone has been accused of this criminal act, it does not mean that he or she is guilty of actually committing the felony

Man faces attempted murder felony charge in Florida

A 66-year-old Florida man is currently being held without bond due to an alleged altercation he had with a neighbor that resulted in a reported shooting. The neighbor involved in the incident suffered critical wounds by gunshot at the time of the alleged squabble. The dispute is said to have been caused over dog  droppings. The jailed man now faces a felony charge.

Felony charge of child neglect for parents in Florida

When most people think of child neglect, they likely think of the physical definition of the term. This involves a caregiver failing to provide the basic needs for a child. This could include needs ranging from shelter and food to clothing and adequate living conditions. In certain cases, child neglect may occur when a child is not properly supervised for an extended period of time, usually several days or weeks, or when a parent fully abandons a child. In any case, suspected child neglect could lead to a felony charge.

Waitress facing felony charge for alleged theft of tips

When a person is accused of theft, it can have a very damaging effect on one's personal and professional life. If convicted, it can truly hinder one's ability to have a successful future. This is because people are unsure of whether they can entrust a convicted felon with their trust, and employers are far less likely to hire individuals who have been convicted of a crime, especially something like felony theft.

Man missing from Florida previously charged with felony

A search remains ongoing for a Florida pilot who was a flight instructor from Palo Alto.  According to reports, the case is complicated and involves previously filed felony charges, a stolen plane and a missing person. The mother of the man in question recently spoke out to say that her son is a very good man, and she would like the media to refrain from reporting negative stories about him.

Police respond to Florida burglary call, charge man with felony

A 25-year-old Florida man is said to have recently called police to report a possible burglary at his apartment. The incident ended with the man who made the call being arrested. He now faces multiple felony charges. The situation unfolded on a recent Tuesday at an apartment complex in Okaloosa County.

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