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Couple faces serious family law issues related to marijuana use

A family is fighting for the return of their five children after a prolonged child custody case that involves their extended family members and their state of residence. The couple lost custody of their kids after the parents expressed an interest in moving to a nearby state to be able to access legal marijuana for medical use. They have recently received assistance in their family law case from attorneys who specialize in medical marijuana advocacy, and the case has received national media attention, including in Florida.

Shared child custody is a Florida family law option

As most divorce attorneys will say, few legal matters are more emotionally fraught than child custody battles. No loving parent can bear the thought of losing access to a child. That fear is often what drives parents to fight to the bitter end to retain as much time with their kids as possible. According to research, however, there may be a better way for Florida parents to approach this critical family law need. Shared custody is an option that should be considered by virtually all Florida families as they explore their child custody possibilities.

How YouTube can negatively impact family law matters

Many Florida readers make frequent use of YouTube, an online platform that allows users to upload and share videos. In fact, some families have even created their own YouTube channel to share content with friends, family and anyone else who happens to take interest in their videos. It is even possible to monetize one's YouTube channel, by allowing ads to be placed next to uploaded content. As one family recently discovered, however, YouTube can lead to serious family law problems.

Immigration policy uncertainties creates family law issues

Regardless of one's political loyalties, there can be little doubt that the current administration's immigration policies are creating quite a stir. For those in Florida who are engaged to be married and are hoping for a green card, fears of immigration changes can lead to a great deal of anxiety. Some have even chosen to speed up their wedding plans, in the hopes of getting closer to a green card before any unexpected changes might take place. That can lead to a number of family law issues.

Unusual family law case results in unusual judgment

The structure of the "average" American family is undergoing rapid change, and the courts that serve children and families are typically slow to respond to social changes. As a result, individual cases are often what prompts change in family law courts in Florida and other states, through unique and groundbreaking precedent. An example is found in a recent case in which three people were granted shared custody of a child.

If you choose to co-parent, you need the right plan in place

Making the choice to co-parent is never a simple decision. Many Florida parents make the choice to co-parent because they wish to provide as much stability as possible for their children, but that does not mean that the path will be an easy one. Agreeing to this type of parenting plan requires careful consideration and a willingness to set aside personal gain for the well-being of the children.

How to predict the cost of a Florida family law case

As soon as a spouse makes the decision to end his or her marriage, the very next thought is often about the cost of that process. Divorce can be expensive, as anyone who has gone through the process or had a front row seat to a friend or family member's divorce can attest to. There are ways, however, to make the cost of a Florida family law case less of a mystery, which can make it far easier to plan for the future.

The important role of timing in Florida family law issues

For some couples, making the decision to divorce is not difficult. What poses a challenge is making the seemingly endless number of decisions that must be made to complete the divorce process. That can be even more true for Florida spouses who share children. When it comes to family law issues surrounding shared parenting and divorce, timing can make a world of difference.

Contested adoption cases are family law challenges

Few child custody matters in Florida courts are more fraught with emotion than those in which an adoption is being contested. In these cases, both sides have a strong position, yet one side will walk away devastated. For the children at the center of these family law struggles, the outcome is often difficult to accept, no matter which way the court rules. One such case is currently underway, and two families are awaiting the ruling that will change the course of their lives.

New study could assist in Florida family law cases

In most Florida child custody cases, the parties are spouses who have been together for years and have decided to end their union. Not every case, however, fits this mold. There are some family law cases that involve parents who either never had any intention of living together as a family, or those who learned very quickly that their relationship was not going to go the distance. In such cases, matters of child custody still need to be addressed, even if divorce is not part of the equation.

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