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Covering all the financial bases during divorce

For many Florida residents, moving through the property division process is one of the most stressful aspects of ending a marriage. Understanding how to properly divide marital wealth is a challenge, especially for spouses who have not played an active role in managing family finances. For those individuals, it is absolutely critical to construct a post-divorce budget that will outline projected expenses for the months and years to follow the divorce.

New ruling addresses division of military benefits after divorce

Most Florida residents who are members of the United States military have a basic understanding of how their benefits are handled. For those who are preparing to divorce, it is important to take a closer look at how those benefits will be divided, as the outcome will have a lasting impact on the financial standing of both spouses. A recent U.S. Supreme Court case addressed the matter, and the ruling is the subject of debate among many military communities.

Could divorce actually make you a better parent?

The end of a marriage is often a stressful process for Florida parents, and many wonder how they are going to be able to handle parenting without a partner. Divorce does not always have to be a negative change in regard to parenting, however. There are ways that parents can use the experience to actually boost their parenting skills, making life better for all involved.

The links between divorce and estate planning

For many Florida residents, the end of a marriage represents the death of that relationship, as well as the birth of a new phase of life. Divorce may have other links to death, however, in the form of an individual's estate planning. It is important to understand how life insurance is impacted by divorce, and how to ensure that one's final wishes are honored without undue burden to those left behind.

How to protect an inheritance during a Florida divorce

Determining how to divide marital debt is one of the most pressing concerns for divorcing spouses, in Florida and across the nation. One aspect of property division that many people are unprepared for involves inherited wealth. Without the proper protections in place, an inheritance can be subject to division between spouses during a divorce. There are several ways to protect an inheritance, but spouses must take action to harness those protections.

Helping children to survive their parents' divorce

The dissolution of a marriage can be heartbreaking not just for the spouses but also for the children. After all, the children's daily routines end up being affected by their parents' divorce, too. A couple of tips may help parents in Florida to assist their children in dealing with this time of transition.

The role of cryptocurrency in a Florida divorce

Many people have heard the term "cryptocurrency" but are unaware of what it means. Cryptocurrency is a word used to describe a means of transferring wealth from one party to another without disclosing the identity of one or both parties. In regard to divorce, cryptocurrency provides a tool for unscrupulous spouses to shield marital wealth from the property division process. Florida residents who are preparing to divorce should be aware of these issues in order to ensure that such actions are not taking place in their own cases.

One state could pass a law that limits grounds for divorce

Faced with an untenable marriage, most Florida spouses are relieved to know that they are able to bring their marriage to an end with relatively few obstacles. Florida is a "no-fault" divorce state, which means that couples who agree to end their marriage do not need to place the blame for the divorce on one party or the other. Another state, however, is considering putting an end to no-fault divorce, through the elimination of "incompatibility" as a criteria for ending a marriage.

This is a divorce cost that often goes unnoticed

Most Florida spouses are aware that property division will take center stage as they bring their marriage to a close. Issues surrounding the division of marital wealth are important, as the outcome of this process will have a lasting impact on both spouses' financial stability for many years after a divorce. It is important to be aware, however, of some of the less obvious costs associated with property division.

Achieving and maintaining financial stability after divorce

When a couple parts ways, at least one party usually has to secure new living arrangements. That can be a costly endeavor, and comes just at the time when both parties are adjusting to a new financial outlook. It is important to make wise decisions in the months that follow a Florida divorce. Budgeting and savings are essential components of that process.

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