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Child Support Archives

One state makes it easier to make child support payments

For Florida parents who are tasked with paying monthly support for one or more children, making those payments in a timely manner is important. For some, the logistics of making child support payments can be a challenge. Some parents live far from their former partner and their kids and cannot simply hand over a check or cash every month. Others work in remote locations and have trouble getting their payments in on time. One state has simplified the matter and is offering a new way to make child support payments.

Don't forget about insurance to protect child support

When two Florida parents divorce, one is usually granted the bulk of parenting time, while the other receives visitation. In most cases, the non-custodial parent is also expected to provide financial support for his or her child or children. Child support payments help ensure that the custodial parent is able to cover the cost of a child's needs. While most parents spend a considerable amount of time negotiating child support, very few think about including insurance in the mix.

Expenses child support won't cover

When a couple with children begins divorce proceedings, child support is one of the main issues on the table. If both parents agree on the amount of support, they can include it in their agreement and get approval from the judge. In other cases, the parents may have to litigate specific provisions. Either way, support amounts in Florida should follow the state's guidelines. When simply adhering to the guidelines would not be in the child's best interests, the courts have authority to approve deviations.

Child support will not impact tax obligations

For many Florida parents, understanding the financial ramifications of their divorce is a top priority. This includes working through the various tax changes that can accompany the end of the marriage. It is always a good idea to address any and all financial matters in the early stages of divorce when adjustments can be made to minimize the impact of negative changes. When it comes to child support, the impact on taxes is simple.

Substantial, permanent, unanticipated: Recognizing the circumstances that impact child support modification

After all the wrangling and back-and-forth, you thought that you and your former spouse had planned for every contingency available. Of course, when you initially entered divorce proceedings with your former spouse, you had a lot of concerns on your mind: your children, your house and your possessions. Now that time has passed, you realize that there have been changes in your life that have made your original child support agreement obsolete. While the first contract that was drafted suited your circumstances in the past, new responsibilities and expenses are impacting your financial options. After all of the initial conflict, you're concerned that your former spouse may balk at amending the guidelines set by the original child support agreement.

Charlie Sheen's debt load attributed to child support payment

Many in Florida might have the mistaken belief that the lives of the rich and famous are high-spirited and free from financial stress. This is not always the case. Many stars, apparently including Charlie Sheen, face significant financial obligations. In the case of Sheen, the problem appears to be child support

Understanding Florida law regarding child support

When married couples choose to divorce in Florida, the parent who gains physical custody of the children may have need of financial support for the children's care. Child support laws are strictly enforced in the state. A parent seeking child support is advised to act with the guidance of an experienced family law attorney to make certain that a fair and accurate amount of financial support is obtained.

Innovative methods may spark improved child support collections

Although child support proceedings in Florida and every other state can involve fathers or mothers who callously choose to elude paying support for their children, such cases are fortunately a small minority of the large number of parents who pay support or who sincerely strive to keep up with the payments. There are some parents who in good faith want to pay reasonable child support, but who are blocked by economic and social factors. In one state, an innovative program has been developed to assist those who are truly struggling in paying their support obligations.

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