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December 2016 Archives

Court denies man the right to seek divorce from his wife

An unusual case has made headlines in Florida and across the nation, as a man has been prohibited from ending his marriage. The case has led to outrage among advocates for the disabled and the elderly, although others feel that the outcome was brought about to protect the man from harm. Viewed from either perspective, it is clear that the couple at the center of the thwarted divorce case have a tumultuous relationship.

Is it possible to serve divorce papers through Facebook?

For some spouses, making the decision to end their marriage is not as difficult as it is for many others. There are certain circumstances in which divorce is the clear path, and where the only difficulties lie in the details of moving from married to single. One of those details involves serving the divorce paperwork to the other party. Like all other states, Florida has specific requirements for legal service. Some spouses wonder if they are able to use Facebook or other social media sites to complete this task.

One state shortens waiting period for divorce

One of the biggest fallacies involving the choice to dissolve a marriage is that the decision was an easy one to reach. In reality, by the time one or both Florida spouses decides to file the paperwork, months or even years were spent weighing the options and making the determination to end the marriage. In states where couples face a lengthy mandatory waiting period before their divorce can be made final, the process can be overwhelmingly negative.

Millennials seek family law protections prior to getting married

According to a survey conducted by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, more and more young people are taking a practical approach to matters of marriage and divorce. Respondents reported a marked increase in the number of millennials who are negotiating  prenuptial agreements prior to walking down the aisle. That is a family law move that will serve to ease the divorce process for those in Florida who ultimately call an end to their marriages.

How does property division take place during divorce in Florida?

The divorce process can understandably be daunting. Although it can be financially challenging for people at all levels of wealth, it can be especially difficult for those with many assets. An attorney, however, can lead you through the property division process in Florida, which is considered an equitable distribution state.

A pediatrician's role in family law cases

When a Florida marriage is headed toward divorce, parents are often concerned over how the change in family status will affect their children. While there is no cut-and-dried solution to ensure that children thrive during and after a divorce, there are multiple approaches that parents can take to help ease the way. A recently published article highlights the role that the family pediatrician can play during a family law case.

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