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October 2016 Archives

What to include in your parenting plan

Getting divorced when you have children can be tough. You do not get to drive off into the sunset and never see each other again. A written parenting plan can reduce the stress of arguments and continuing negotiation by designing a plan for key parenting issues. Some states, including Florida, require submitting a written plan to the court.

How to handle the family home during a divorce

For many Florida residents, one of the primary concerns during the course of ending marriages involves how to handle the family homes. Many people grow very attached to their houses, especially if they have raised their families there or done significant work on the houses to make them feel like homes. When the time comes to address the disposition of the family homes during divorce, tensions often rise. Fortunately, spouses have multiple options in how to divide these important assets.

Downsizing after divorce has numerous benefits

For many Florida residents, the sheer multitude of changes that come with ending a marriage can feel overwhelming. Many dread having to downsize from their marital home into a smaller property or less elaborate living arrangements. It is important for spouses to remember that there are a number of benefits associated with downsizing after a divorce, many of which will support the creation of a fuller and happier life in the years to come.

Changing perspectives during a Florida divorce

The end of a marriage can be hard to process, and it is not uncommon for Florida residents to have difficulty accepting the multitude of changes that take place during this tumultuous time. An example lies in acknowledging that the person who a spouse is divorcing is not the same person that he or she was married to. It is unreasonable to expect that one's soon-to-be ex is going to act in a manner similar to how things were prior to the onset of a divorce.

Handling financial details after a divorce

Many Florida residents would like to believe that once the dust has settled and the ink has dried, they will be able to close the book on the end of their marriage. In reality, however, there are several financial matters that might need to be addressed in the months that follow a divorce. Taking care of these issues is important and should not be postponed.

The sticky situation of changing a divorce agreement in Florida

By the end of a divorce everyone just wants it to be over. The process can be drawn out when both sides cannot agree. That means that sometimes people sign themselves into agreements that they later regret. Did you get pressured into leaving an asset behind? Did you get stuck with a parenting plan that you now realize is not fair? Or maybe you agreed to alimony payments and now you feel cheated. If this is the case you might be wondering if you can change your divorce agreement.

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