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September 2016 Archives

Embryos pose a challenge for family law courts

When a Florida couple is unable to reach an agreement on how to divide their shared assets, the matter often ends up going before a court. This is true for married couples, as well as for those who have simply lived together for a period of time. The laws of each state address the division of marital property, but there are some issues that fall outside the scope of existing family law. An example lies in former partners who cannot agree on what to do with frozen embryos created during their relationship.

Ben Vereen may have failed to divorce before remarrying

Many Florida readers are familiar with the career of entertainer Ben Vereen. The singer and dancer has had a long and successful career, but is currently in the headlines for a different matter. It appears that Vereen may have accidentally committed bigamy when he married his second wife. He is now faced with a divorce case, from a woman he thought that he divorced some 30 plus years.

Child support will not impact tax obligations

For many Florida parents, understanding the financial ramifications of their divorce is a top priority. This includes working through the various tax changes that can accompany the end of the marriage. It is always a good idea to address any and all financial matters in the early stages of divorce when adjustments can be made to minimize the impact of negative changes. When it comes to child support, the impact on taxes is simple.

Don't forget college savings during divorce negotiations

Setting aside funding for a child's education is a top priority for many Florida parents. However, when divorce changes the structure of a family, college savings accounts are often overlooked during the negotiation process. It is important to address these matters before a settlement is reached so that children are able to access the money that has been saved for college expenses when the time comes.

Substantial, permanent, unanticipated: Recognizing the circumstances that impact child support modification

After all the wrangling and back-and-forth, you thought that you and your former spouse had planned for every contingency available. Of course, when you initially entered divorce proceedings with your former spouse, you had a lot of concerns on your mind: your children, your house and your possessions. Now that time has passed, you realize that there have been changes in your life that have made your original child support agreement obsolete. While the first contract that was drafted suited your circumstances in the past, new responsibilities and expenses are impacting your financial options. After all of the initial conflict, you're concerned that your former spouse may balk at amending the guidelines set by the original child support agreement.

Family law case leaves teenage girls in home with sex offender

Most Florida parents have a great deal of concern for the well-being of their children. This concern does not subside when parents divorce; in many cases, the noncustodial parent becomes increasingly anxious about whether his or her children are being properly cared for. In a family law case that has reached one state's highest judicial level, a father has been denied custody of his two daughters, who are residing in the home of a convicted sex offender.

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