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Estranged husband allegedly delinquent in child support

A family of 11 in Florida is facing dire circumstances that apparently involve an estranged husband and his failure to provide financial assistance. The mother of nine children recently stated that her estranged husband has stopped sending the required child support payments that she and her family need to make ends meet. Now, the family is in imminent danger of becoming homeless.

The mother, her husband and children apparently relocated to Florida after losing everything in a hurricane at their former home in another state. However, soon after taking up residence in their new home, the children's father allegedly became $15,000 delinquent in child support payments. The apartment manager evicted the family of 11, giving just 24 hours notice to vacate the premises.

A local inn and the United Way have reportedly provided assistance and temporary residence to the family. They are only permitted to stay at the motel for several days, however, before they will be turned out onto the street. The parents say they are hoping others will come to their aid in an effort to help them recover their losses and become a self-sustaining family once again.

Child support issues often cause complications and difficult situations for those with former spouses who are uncooperative. Sometimes, a Florida parent deems it necessary to pursue such matters in court when other means of resolution have not been successful. An attorney can help a concerned parent obtain justice while acting in the best interests of children who have been adversely effected by the situation.

Source:, "Child Support Battle Threatens Family of 11", Kendra Conlon, June 28, 2016

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