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Supreme Court rules on domestic violence issue

In Florida and all other states, the laws of the land is ultimately interpreted by the United States Supreme Court. With regard to domestic violence, the high court issued a recent ruling that pertains to those convicted of such incidents and their rights to own firearms. The vote was rendered by a majority but was not unanimous.

The case made its way to the Supreme Court after two men who had previously been convicted of domestic violence were found in possession of guns. They were charged with breaking a federal law that prohibits anyone convicted of such crimes from bearing firearms. One justice apparently questioned, however, whether reckless behavior is a sufficient basis to take away a person's constitutional right to own a gun.

That justice and one other did not vote with the majority on the issue. The rest of those voting agreed that the term "reckless behavior" implies an intentional act that would be considered a criminal misdemeanor under conviction of domestic violence. In short, the justices ruled that "reckless" and "accident" are two very different things.

If a person in Florida has questions about a domestic violence issue as it pertains to the right to own and use firearms, answers may be sought by contacting a criminal defense attorney in the area. It is crucial that anyone preparing to face the court on such issues clearly understand the current laws and statutes that govern such matters. An attorney is often able to provide such clarification and advise a defendant as to how best to proceed in light of impending charges.

Source:, "In 'Voisine v. US,' SCOTUS Just Ruled People Convicted of Domestic Violence Can't Have Guns", Marie Solis, June 27, 2016

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