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Paternity issues personal and often complex in Florida

Raising a child is typically a joyful, albeit challenging experience. Sometimes, challenges involve the legal system, especially where matters of paternity are concerned. Establishing paternity is not always about a biological father; rather, it's about making a formal determination of fatherhood -- biological or not -- in court. There are many reasons that someone in Florida may have need for guidance from an attorney when facing issues of this sort.

Every family has its own individual circumstances. There are many situations where it becomes necessary to prove that a father-child relationship exists, or to disprove it, for that matter. Many times, it is a mother who is seeking to establish paternity through the court. Other situations could involve a single father who wants to be involved in the care and upbringing of his child.

The Law Office of Gustavo E. Frances, P.A. has successfully helped many clients throughout the state find positive solutions to problems related to paternity issues. Establishing paternity is often crucial with regard to an inheritance or a child's overall well-being and development. However, the process must be accomplished in accordance with applicable laws and local court procedures.

It is typically beneficial to seek clarification on such matters before addressing paternity issues in court. Our experienced Florida legal team can provide information and guidance to help a client make informed decisions and choose the best options available toward a favorable outcome. We are prepared to remain by your side until you have overcome all obstacles and have achieved your immediate and long-term legal goals.

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