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Domestic violence in Florida is not a rare occurrence

Violent crimes can be terrifying, especially if they are committed by people who have a relationship to the victim. Domestic violence calls are among those most dreaded by law enforcement in Florida. They often involve the high emotions and unpredictable behavior of those involved.

Such was the case recently when police responded to a call from a man who said he had shot his wife. Upon arriving at the scene, officers were met by gunfire as the man aimed his handgun at them. When the man eventually emerged from the house, his erratic behavior escalated until police resorted to firing their weapons at him. The man was taken to the hospital in stable condition. His wife was dead inside the house.

Sadly, this is not an isolated incident. Police investigating this crime report that they responded to over 5,000 calls of domestic violence last year. Half of the homicides they investigated were related to domestic violence. Even in this quiet neighborhood, this event was not the first of its kind.

Who knows what transpires in a home at any given time? Tempers may flare, passions run high, and in a moment, lives are changed forever. When people in Florida find themselves being charged and led away from a scene of domestic violence, it is understandable that they would contact an attorney as soon as possible. Anyone charged with a crime still has rights that must be defended. Having a dedicated attorney to protect one's rights is important when one is accused of a violent crime.

Source:, "Police Shoot Man After Reports Of Domestic Violence", June 8, 2016

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