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June 2016 Archives

Supreme Court rules on domestic violence issue

In Florida and all other states, the laws of the land is ultimately interpreted by the United States Supreme Court. With regard to domestic violence, the high court issued a recent ruling that pertains to those convicted of such incidents and their rights to own firearms. The vote was rendered by a majority but was not unanimous.

Is there such a thing as a simplified divorce?

When one thinks of the dissolution of marriage, simple is one of the last words to come to mind. While, it is not uncommon for the divorce process to have its complications, not all divorces are the same or require the same treatment. In Florida, there is, in fact, the ability to go through a simplified divorce if desired.

Domestic violence in Florida is not a rare occurrence

Violent crimes can be terrifying, especially if they are committed by people who have a relationship to the victim. Domestic violence calls are among those most dreaded by law enforcement in Florida. They often involve the high emotions and unpredictable behavior of those involved.

Paternity issues personal and often complex in Florida

Raising a child is typically a joyful, albeit challenging experience. Sometimes, challenges involve the legal system, especially where matters of paternity are concerned. Establishing paternity is not always about a biological father; rather, it's about making a formal determination of fatherhood -- biological or not -- in court. There are many reasons that someone in Florida may have need for guidance from an attorney when facing issues of this sort.

Florida regulations regarding child support

Divorce has a way of forcing families to undergo major changes in life. Often, a parent who has stayed home full time to raise children during marriage finds it difficult to make ends meet when a former spouse, who was the main breadwinner, is no longer living under the same roof. In such situations, it is not uncommon for a Florida parent to submit a request for child support.