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April 2016 Archives

Florida governor speaks out about family law issues

Raising a family in today's world is obviously not without its challenges. Many children are forced to adapt to new lifestyles after their parents divorce, often causing a variety of personal complications. In a recent move that surprised many, the governor of Florida spoke out about family law issues after vetoing a bill that had passed by landslides in both the Florida House and Senate.

Alimony subject of contention following Hasselhoff divorce

Couples who formally end their marriages in court are not always able to move forward in life without continuing disagreements. Often, various issues arise following divorce that land former spouses back inside courtrooms. Fans in Florida and throughout the nation likely still keep tabs on Hollywood star, David Hasselhoff, who apparently is facing such legal challenges regarding a court order that requires him to pay $21,000 a month to his former wife.

Charlie Sheen's debt load attributed to child support payment

Many in Florida might have the mistaken belief that the lives of the rich and famous are high-spirited and free from financial stress. This is not always the case. Many stars, apparently including Charlie Sheen, face significant financial obligations. In the case of Sheen, the problem appears to be child support

Understanding Florida law regarding child support

When married couples choose to divorce in Florida, the parent who gains physical custody of the children may have need of financial support for the children's care. Child support laws are strictly enforced in the state. A parent seeking child support is advised to act with the guidance of an experienced family law attorney to make certain that a fair and accurate amount of financial support is obtained.

Divorce challenges can be overcome through recovery program

For those who are going through a divorce and those who have obtained a final decree, the transition is notorious for producing bad decisions. It is perfectly acceptable for someone wrapping up a divorce action to ask for help in going forward. One program in Florida gives hope to some divorcees that they will find a stronger path to guide them through the turmoil.

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