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December 2015 Archives

Celebrity divorce is based on universal family law concepts

Celebrity divorces sometimes involve large monetary amounts, but the general family law concepts that are applied by the courts are fairly consistent with respect to persons in all economic strata and residing in all states, including Florida. Some common principles were applied in the recent celebrity divorce settlement of Oscar-nominated actor Jeremy Renner and his wife, model-actress Sonni Pacheco. Because the couple have a 2-year old daughter, Renner has agreed to pay $13,000 per month in child support payments.

Reasonable holiday visiting agreements are favored in family law

For separated and divorced Florida couples with minor children, all of the holidays during the year can present special problems. There is only so much time, and each parent's schedule must be adjusted to accommodate the other. In family law, the object is to have two parents communicating and cooperating so that holiday visits come off without a hitch.

After divorce, some may feel more secure with less money

What is the biggest cause of divorce? Is it basic incompatibility? No, researchers have found that it is money issues. The issue of financial security, or the lack of it, has led many promising marital unions into the hallways of divorce court, both here in Florida and throughout the country.

Financial guidance can be critical to divorcing Florida spouses

For many individuals in Florida and elsewhere, fears of surviving financially are a big concern during and after a divorce. The uncertainty of divorce on one's financial status can be frightening to some, especially for those who did not exert a great deal of control over the financial issues during the marriage. A divorce raises the need for those persons to educate themselves and become well-versed in their financial future.

Mother's homicide makes family law custody decision difficult

Can a man who is suspected but not charged with killing his wife retain custody of the minor children? That question is being confronted in a Lee County court in Florida in a case where the Department of Children and Families is trying to remove two minor children from the father's custody. Child custody disputes produce some of the most rancorous battles in family law courts, but the intensity is ratcheted up even higher when one of the parents is accused of murdering the other parent.

Divorce can have a major impact on health insurance

If divorce is going to leave a person without health insurance and the need to pick a new plan, one should not expect it to be easy. There are a myriad of plans available nationwide and in Florida from a large number of companies, but choosing a right fit can be a difficult task. It is a task, however, that some people will be unable to avoid if a divorce is looming. Here are some general considerations that may be helpful in the process.

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