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3 Miami residents charged with felony theft after shoplifting

When people think about felony charges, things like murder, robbery, assault and rape likely come to mind. However, in Florida there are many different criminal charges that can be charged as a felony -- including shoplifting.

Recently, three Miami residents were charged with felony theft charges following a trip to a Walmart in Okeechobee. According to police, a search of the car the three were driving revealed a variety of items including perfumes, children's toys, bed sheets and electronics following a six minute trip inside the store. In total, police say that $967.24 worth of merchandize was found. However, police say that no receipts were found for any of the merchandize.

In addition to the search of the car, police also searched the three individuals. During that search, police claim that they found that the 50-year-old woman in the group had $467 on her person, while the 48-year-old woman had $2,060.10 with her. Following the search, police confiscated this money because neither woman has any source of income. Police, therefore, concluded that the money was obtained through their illegal activity. The 21-year-old man who was with the women did not have any cash.

Each of the individuals were arrested and bond was set around $5,000. Each of the three people have since been released after posting bond.

Felony charges -- of any kind -- need to be taken seriously in Florida. These charges can lead to fines, restitution, probation and prison time. If found guilty of felony charges, people can also lose their right to own a firearm or to vote. Convicted felons may also find that they have a hard time finding reliable employment and housing following their release from prison.

In some circumstances, these penalties can be avoided. With the right defense, people can get felony charges reduced or eliminated.

Source: Okeechobee News, "Miami trio charged in store theft in Okeechobee Walmart," Eric Kopp, Dec. 17, 2013

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