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December 2013 Archives

Elderly Florida man accused of domestic violence

Tensions can run high in any family -- no matter its demographics. No one gets along all of the time and fights are bound to happen. This time of year, the stress of the holidays can make things even worse in some families. If things turn physical, Florida police may have to get involved.Recently, a 76-year-old man was arrested by Florida police for domestic violence after an incident with his 77-year-old wife. According to police, the elderly couple got into a fight after the man's wife found him on an internet dating site.Following this discovery, police say that the woman slapped the man in the face after an argument. Police allege that the man responded by pushing his wife. As a result of the push, police say the woman fell to the ground and broke her hip.Following the incident, the man was charged with two counts of battering someone over the age of 65. These are felony charges.Domestic violence charges -- especially felony domestic violence charges -- should always be taken seriously. People have the right to explain their actions in court. By presenting their side of the story, people may be able to avoid some of the serious consequences of domestic violence including jail or prison time. Without the right defense in place, people may find that they are unable to see their children or live in their homes following a domestic violence arrest.

3 Miami residents charged with felony theft after shoplifting

When people think about felony charges, things like murder, robbery, assault and rape likely come to mind. However, in Florida there are many different criminal charges that can be charged as a felony -- including shoplifting.

Alleged fight leads to misdemeanor charge

A Florida man has been charged with a misdemeanor following an altercation. According to police, the 34-year-old man banged on the door to an apartment. The door to the apartment was apparently opened by a minor and the man barged into the home. Once in the home, police claim that the man attacked another man that was sleeping on the couch by punching him.

Miami teacher accused of sex crimes against minor

Sex crimes are pretty varied. There are charges ranging from prostitution, to rape, to possession of child pornography and a lot in-between. However, those charges that involve children tend to get the most attention from both the media and the authorities. Prosecutors often make it a habit to aggressively prosecute child sexual abuse -- even in situations where force is not used.

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