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August 2013 Archives

Florida teacher arrested for conversations on Facebook

In today's society, people spend more time on social media outlets like Facebook than ever before. With all this online communication comes an increased possibility of people misinterpreting what a person is trying to say. Without other social cues, words and sentences can be taken out of context and it can appear that people are trying to do or say something that they are not. In some situations, these miscommunications can lead to criminal charges.

Fist fight at Fort Lauderdale bar leads to charges

People occasionally have disagreements. Much of the time these disagreements are just temporary or never amount to anything. However, in some cases, people can get physical. Fort Lauderdale residents should know that when this happens, they can face criminal penalties.

Miami rapper Kat Dahlia arrested for suspected DUI

Getting arrested for drunk driving can be a difficult experience for any Florida resident. In addition to the criminal penalties that people may face, there can also be embarrassment and problems at work that follow a DUI.

Former football star arrested in Florida for domestic violence

Almost every couple fights at some point in their relationship. Most of the time fights between couples are harmless. Other times, arguments can lead to family violence. Domestic violence occurs when one partner uses threats of violence or physical, emotional or sexual abuse to get control over the other partner. Allegations of domestic violence can lead to serious criminal charges.

Recent robbery turns up charge of felony possession of firearm

Following a conviction of a crime, particularly a felony, the rights and privileges of the convicted person may be limited for a short time or even indefinitely. Prison time is one way those rights are limited. Convicted felons also aren't allowed to possess a weapon.

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