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April 2013 Archives

Undercover sex crimes sting leads to 20 arrests in Florida

In the age of the internet, many parts of Floridians' lives are contained on a computer. This digital information has somewhat blurred the lines between a person's true identity and their virtual identity. With the anonymity that the internet provides, people sometimes do and say things online that they would never have in a person-to-person interaction. In some cases, this online interaction can lead to criminal charges -- particularly for internet sex crimes.

Boca Raton woman arrested on suspicion of DUI

A Boca Raton woman has recently been arrested for supposedly driving under the influence. The DUI charges were brought by a police officer who claims to have seen the woman driving on Federal Highway. The officer alleges that the woman was swerving in and out of lanes while driving. At one point, the woman made a turn and supposedly travelled south in the northbound lane of the road for around 500 feet. At this point, the officer turned on the car's siren and lights to pull over the woman. However, the woman did not respond to the officer and continued to drive until she pulled into her driveway.

Florida man facing misdemeanor charges after shoplifting incident

There are two main ways that criminal charges can be classified in Florida -- as misdemeanors or as felonies. Felony charges are very serious and can result in sentences of over a year in prison. While many people may think that misdemeanor charges are not serious, they can still result in a sentence of up to a year in jail. Furthermore misdemeanor charges can effect a person's employment and have social consequences.

State attorney to hold domestic violence conference in Florida

Police, prosecutors and other law enforcement officials are constantly looking for new and better ways to hunt down and convict criminals. To help in the effort to curb domestic violence in Florida, the State Attorney will be hosting a summit for law enforcement officials. At this conference, the State Attorney, assistant state attorney and other people in the legal community will be presenting a series of workshops to discuss how to better prosecute domestic violence cases.

Store owner facing felony drug charges over sale of "spice"

The owner of a Florida convenience store has recently been arrested and charged with felony drug charges. She is accused of selling synthetic marijuana. A felony charge like this can have serious repercussions. Those charged with felonies in Florida can face large fines and more than a year in prison. When a felony charge is for the sale or distribution of an illegal drug, mandatory sentencing guidelines can significantly increase the length of a prison sentence.

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