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September 2012 Archives

Fort Lauderdale man arrested on murder charges

Criminal charges are serious business, and a felony charge such as first-degree murder can lead to a lengthy trial and a severe prison sentence. A Fort Lauderdale man who was arrested in connection with a 2009 stabbing death is discovering this firsthand as he continues to be held without bond. He was initially taken into police custody in connection with this violent crime while appearing at a Broward County Courthouse on another matter.

Was college football coach falsely accused of child pornography?

Although this particular case did not occur in Florida, it certainly could have. The case involves a college football coach who was arrested on two counts of child pornography late last month after home videos of his kids surfaced that officials deemed pornographic in nature. After obtaining a search warrant and searching the man's house, vehicle and electronics police were unable to locate any further evidence of child pornography. The man's wife said the charges were "ridiculous and baseless" and that the videos simply showed the couple's kids acting silly.

Ochocinco could be facing jail time in domestic violence case

Domestic violence is a criminal offense and when Florida authorities respond to a domestic dispute they take the situation extremely seriously. Too often the media is ripe with stories of domestic spats escalating to violent and sometimes deadly levels and it is for this reason that law enforcement's response is to take any allegations of domestic violence or abuse as fact until proven otherwise. Oftentimes police officers will attempt to determine who the perpetrator is of the alleged abuse and immediately arrest that person or take him or her into custody.

Fort Lauderdale man receives $30,000 in police misconduct case

We thought we would start our new blog with a story that demonstrates things are not always what they appear to be in a police report. Case in point is a Fort Lauderdale man who was arrested on misdemeanor charges on his own property for disorderly intoxication and resisting arrest. According to the police report, the case, which began two years ago this month, appeared to be a slam dunk.

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